ANF captured the images of two guerrillas who were exposed to the chemical attack of the invading Turkish state in the Werxelê/Avaşîn in Southern Kurdistan. It is seen that the chemical weapon paralyzes the nervous & respiratory system & causes memory loss.

Shocking footage of aftermath of Turkish chemical weapons attack in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

IPPNW Report

Is Turkey violating the Chemical Weapons Convention?
An independent investigation into possible violations of the Chemical Weapons
Convention in Northern Iraq is urgently needed
Dr. Josef Savary, Dr. Jan van Aken – IPPNW Switzerland/Germany

Collusion, Conspiracy & Corruption: An “On the Ground” report into Turkish War Crimes & use of chemical weapons

“We have to say from the very outset that Turkey has committed a string of war
crimes in Iraqi Kurdistan. From the bombing of refugee camps to the targeting of
hospitals and residential areas.”

Stop Turkey’s inhumane use of chemical weapons – Kurdish Doctors

“EU, NATO and Britain should put pressure on Turkey to stop the war crimes against Kurds”

  • Clare Baker, UNITE the UNION

“Turkish war crimes should be investigated”

  • Dr. Patrick Huff, Associate Lecturer, Dept. of Geography, Birkbeck, University of London